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Release Equity. Purchase Property. Develop Property. Subdivide Land. Buy before Sell. Loan Refinance.

Priv Mortgages fr 10.25%pa 2nd Mortgages fr 9.95%pa36hr Caveats fr 0.83-2%pm

If you can borrow in the name of an established Company (+1 month trading history), require from $30k (min $250k for our 30-year loans) or more, don't receive Gov't benefits, are or about to be self-employed and have acceptable property to be used as security for a mortgage, you can expect funds from your 1st, 2nd mortgage or caveat in days!

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Providing short-term & long-term privately funded mortgages/caveats since 1995!
Bridging finance

Use existing equity to buy any property and borrow 100%+ costs and more! From 10.25% pa

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Release equity

Have at least 40% equity in your property and need to access cash fast? 1st & 2nd mortgages

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Develop subdivide

Up to $20m property construction or land subdivision. 1st & 2nd mortgages

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Consolidate debts

Refinance and payout high-rate and expired loans into a longer-term 1st or 2nd mortgage

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Prepare for sale

Selling a property and wanting to get the highest possible price? Renovate first using your equity!

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Privately funded loans suitable for property owners, property buyers, construction developers & land subdividers that can borrow in the name of a company available!

The Directors continue to provide funding for property loans across a range of residential and commercial real estate assets. To date $266+ million in loans has been facilitated.

For 28+ years, we've assisted borrowers with funding for working capital, business ventures, release of new and existing equity, land subdivisions, construction financing, rezoning and bridging finance. We provide loans secured by first and second mortgages (caveats too) to assist with restructures, purchases, refinancing and repositioning of property.

LowRate 2nd Mortgage Funding Now Available Australia-wide!

Dedicated funding line at rate of 9.95% pa

  • Loans up-to 70% in metro locations to $100k for houses, townhouses and apartments/units

  • Loan terms from min 1-month to 6-months + up-to 6 months rollover

  • No formal valuations (desktop only) (65%-70% val req'd) | Video conference signups

  • Up-to $85.5k in the hand after fees and 1st month of interest deducted

Why a loan from Private Lending Holdings is your smartest choice

Private lender panel

Access all types of loans from our own funds + loans from other lenders too!

Point of difference

You talk directly to the lender to access multiple decision-makers!

Starting a new business?

Loans are readily available to companies and corporate trustees older than 1 month

Up-to 30 Years available

First 3 years are interest only, then its P&I for the remaining loan term


financing and lending


Land development
sub-division funding

Business investment
and expansion

Development finance
residential & commercial

Features of the loans we offer

Loans available only to Company Directors & Corporate Trustees of Family Trusts - Not suitable for recipients of Gov't benefits

1st Mortgages
Effective 2/7/2024
  • Var (RBA) IO Rates p.a from:
    Resi House 10.25%
    (11.25% when blended with 2nd RM)
    Resi Unit 10.50%
    Resi Land 11.99%
    Comm 11.59%
    Comm Land 11.59%
  • Borrower Fees (financed into loan)
    Establishment 2% + GST
    LMF 0.1% pm if applicable
  • Loan Terms
    3-18 months
  • Loan Amounts
    From $100k up-to $20m
  • LVR's
    70%+ to $5m resi house/townhouse
    70%+ to $20m resi house/townhouse (Syd, Melb & Bris)
    65% to $5m resi unit
    65% to $10m resi unit (Syd, Melb & Bris)
    50%+ to $5m resi metro land
    70% to $5m resi metro land (blended with 2nd RM)
    75% to $10m commercial property (blended with 2nd RM)
    50% to $5m development site
  • Loan Types
    Bridging, Equity Release, Purchase, Refinance & Cashout
  • Product Type
    Variable IO
  • Accountant letter not always required
    For monthly payments - Yes
    For prepaid payments - No
  • Property Types
    Residential, Land, Commercial
  • Locations
    Metropolitan, Coastals & Regionals of QLD, NSW, VIC, SA, WA, NT & ACT
  • Construction
  • Land Subdivision
  • Apply Now

    Download, complete & save our editable pdf application

2nd Mortgages & Fast Caveats
Effective 24/6/2024
  • Rates from:
    1.5% pm IO (Caveat settlements avail)
    2% pm IO (When blended behind our 1st RM)
  • Borrower Fees (financed into loan)
    Establishment From 2% + GST
    LMF 0.25% pm if applicable
  • Loan Terms
    3-24 months
  • Loan Amounts
    From $100k to $5m
  • LVR's
    up-to 65% land & comm
    up-to 75% resi
  • Product Types
    Fixed IO
  • Loan Types
    Bridging, Equity Release, Purchase, Refinance & Cashout
  • Accountant letter required?
    For monthly payments - Yes
    For prepaid payments - Yes&No
  • Valuation required?
    No. However, lender to confirm
  • Property Types
    Residential, Land & Commercial
  • Locations
    Metropolitan, Coastals & Major Regionals of QLD, NSW, VIC, SA, WA, NT & ACT
  • Construction (available)
    Available across Australia
    Units 65%, Houses & Townhouses 70% NRV
  • Land Subdivision (available)
    Available across Australia
    65%+ GRV (ex GST)
  • Apply Now

    Download, complete & save our editable pdf application

Mini Caveat Max amt in-hand $21k
Effective 29/6/2024
  • Rate fixed:
    2.5% pm IO
  • Borrower Fees $7.5k (financed into loan)
    Lender's Establishment - included
    Facilitation - included
    Legals & Disb - included
    Monthly DD Management $100
  • Loan Terms
    Min 8 weeks then week-by-week
  • Loan Amounts
    $30k caveat/mortgage | $21k in hand* (*after fees & 8 weeks interest deducted)
  • Interest Payments
    $187.50 per week (First 8 weeks included in loan)
  • LVR's
    Up-to 85% residential and commercial
    Up-to 75% residential and commercial vacant land
    Up-to 75% regional & coastal locations
  • Security Ranking
    Caveat with unregistered mortgage all states except Qld
    Registered mortgage Qld
  • Property Types
    Residential, Commercial, Land, Industrial
  • Full Valuations
    Not required (Desktop & Appraisals only)
  • Settlements
    Video Conference signup with WebVOI
  • Approval Times
    1-hr indicative approval
  • Income Evidence?
    Not req'd
  • Available to Mortgage Brokers?
  • Locations
    All locations considered
LowRate 2nd Mortgages & Caveats Max amt in-hand $85.5k
Effective 19/7/2024
  • Rate fixed:
    9.95% pa IO
  • Borrower Fees $13.6k (financed into loan)
    Lender's Establishment - included
    Facilitation - included
    Legals & Disb - included
    Vals if lvr 65.01% to 70%
  • Loan Terms
    Min 1-month to 6-months + rollover up-to 6-months
  • Loan Amounts
    $100k caveat/mortgage | $85.5k in hand* (*after fees & 1st month of interest deducted)
  • Interest Payments
    $829* monthly (*$100k) (First month included in loan)
  • Security Types
    2nd Mortgage & Caveat* only
    *No Caveat(s) in Qld
  • LVR's
    Up-to 70% residential
    Up-to 65% commercial
    Up-to 65% residential and commercial vacant land
    Up-to 65% regional & coastal locations
  • Valuations Resi Housing
    Up-to 65% LVR - desktop/appraisals
    65.01% - 70% LVR - full valuations
  • Property Types
    Residential, Commercial, Land, Industrial
  • Caveat Settlements
    Video Conference signup with WebVOI
  • Approval Times
    1-hr indicative approval
  • Accountant Letter?
    Not req'd if interest is prepaid for term
  • Available to Mortgage Brokers?
  • Locations
    All Capital Cities and Major Regionals

Fast 1-2 hour loan offers in most cases
Fast processing. Fast decisions. Fast settlements!

We know your requirements for funds may be urgent. That's why we get to Yes FAST and transfer without delay

  • Tell us your requirements by clicking here

    The manager will immediately assess your loan request and present you with a decision. Positive decisions result in a preliminary quote being issued with amount available, estimated interest rate and a fee schedule. Allow 1-2 hours

  • You accept our quote and wish to proceed

    Our application form is processed, valuation ordered & documentation requirements returned. An indicative loan offer is issued by the lender. Allow 1-2 days for valuation/s. Allow 1-2 days to process 1st mortgagee letter for 2nd mortgage applicants

  • You accept our loan offer
    - prepare for settlement

    Put your Solicitor on standby to receive your loan agreement by email, attend to lender & solicitor requirements, sign-up then get ready for settlement funds to be transferred. Allow 1-2 days for this final step

+ mil since 2021

Loans made & arranged by Private Lending secured by 1st mortgages, 2nd mortgages and caveats

privates on panel one

Our private funding lines for 1st's, 2nd's & caveats are for housing, vacant land lots, commercial & construction

privates on panel two

Our private funding lines for 1st's, 2nd's & caveats are for land subdivisions, property development, rezoning & repositioning

% service performance!

Indicative quote 1 bus. hr, lender approval same day, loan offer same day, loan agreement same day, settlement 1-2 days

What you can do with the funds we arrange for you

Release equity from residential and commercial property using a registered 1st mortgage, 2nd mortgage or caveat. Purchase your next property while selling your current property using a combination of registered 1st and 2nd mortgage. Refinance an expiring high-rate short-term loan into a new long-term lower-rate loan. Consolidate a high-rate 2nd mortgage and even higher-rate caveat loan(s) into a new loan. Subdivide land into residential or commercial lots. Construct a Duplex, Villa, Townhouse, Apartment, Multiple Units or High-rise. Refurbish residential and commercial property. Properties include: Residential, Commercial and Industrial

I required a very, very urgent bridging loan to make sure we didn't lose our $100,000 deposit. Robert dropped everything and provided me with a Caveat loan from a private lender in Perth that didn't require valuations and ignored maximum lvr's. Click here to read how this lender was the only one that assisted me when nobody else I contacted could!

Self-employed Contractor


A large land site approved for 65 lots became available from the receivers. I required a 1st mortgage private land loan with 6-months prepaid interest and fees to give me time to develop. Click here to read how they were able to assist me to make sure I didn't miss out on this limited opportunity!

Property Developer


I required a loan to assist with the purchase and renovation of a tenanted bank of shops with adjoining developable vacant land. I saw an immediate uplift in property value if renovated and re-tenanted. I required a commercial renovation loan to purchase with progressive payments. Click here to read how they provided funds to assist me

Property Developer


We wanted to renovate our home, consolidate our loans and credit cards, repay loans to family members, repay overdraft and pay staff super. A 2nd mortgage for $100k in the hand was required. Click here to read our story on how Robert provided a 12-month private loan



I'm an owner of a bait and tackle shop in a coastal WA town. I took the wrong loan to grow the business and now find I can no longer afford the repayments. I need to refinance to a lower rate. Robert was able to refinance my high rate loan with a low rate private loan. Click here and read how they changed my loan over and saved my business

Shop Proprietor

Western Australia

My company develops raw land into saleable parcels of land and deals exclusively with blue chip companies and conglomerates. I needed to deal with a specialist broker that was capable of providing our company with a number of large private loans up to $6.3 million. Click here to read how Robert assisted us with our requirements!

Land Developer


What is a Caveat?

A Caveat provides a fast and seamless means of settling a short-term loan. Secured by way of a registered Caveat, this facility is available to any homeowner that wishes to retain their existing 1st mortgage and 2nd mortgage but require a short-term line of funding beyond their current credit providers capacity. Short-term Caveat loans are generally only available for business purposes.

Caveat loans are basically like a mortgage or charge over one or more of your properties. You receive funds and the lender puts a charge over your property to secure the repayment of the debt. They are typically behind another mortgage over your property.

Caveat loans are usually used for real estate dealings or business dealings. If you are stuck in the short-term requiring funding and settlement of a pending matter will take months, Caveat loans can come to the rescue in providing you with the cash required, secured over your new or existing property. Caveat loans are often borrowed by property owners, project managers, businessmen or other borrowers who realise they cannot afford to miss out on funding.

What is a 2nd Mortgage?

A 2nd mortgage is actually not a loan as most people would think. It is a registrable form of security that can guarantee the payment of a debt or loan. A 2nd mortgage creates a security interest (legal claim) in the property with the home owner (also known as the mortgagor).

A 2nd mortgagee (the lender in a mortgage, typically a bank or private lender) does not have title to or possession of the property. But if a borrower (aka mortgagor) is in default on a loan, the lender (aka mortgagee) can exercise certain remedies if the borrower defaults.

An unregistered mortgagee does not automatically have statutory powers to sell the property as a registered mortgagee. It is not uncommon for banks and lenders (mortgagees) to send borrowers with letters of demand requesting payment of the loan before seeking to enforce their rights through court.

The following remedies are available to a mortgagee when the 2nd mortgagor defaults:

  • Take possession of the property occupied by a tenant by giving the tenant a written notice explaining that the mortgagee is taking possession and that the tenant now pays the rent to the mortgagee; or
  • Bringing Court proceedings against the mortgagor for:
  • possession of the property
    selling the property
    obtaining a monetary judgment
    obtain an order for foreclosure

    If you would like to know more about 2nd Mortgages and Caveats and how they operate or effect you, you are urged to seek your own legal advice.

The National Consumer Credit Protection Act 2009, or NCCP, is legislation that's designed to protect consumers and ensures ethical and professional standards in the finance industry. Lenders and mortgage brokers must hold a credit licence or be registered as an authorised credit representative. The NCCP is regulated and enforced by ASIC in accordance with the National Credit Code(NCC).

What is a Regulated loan? - As a general rule, almost all home loan types and applications are regulated under the Act. The rules for this are complicated, however, a loan is likely to be regulated if the borrower is a natural person, a charge is made for providing the credit and the credit provider provides the credit in the course of a business. The credit is provided wholly or predominately for personal, domestic or household purposes. Or to purchase, renovate or improve residential property for investment purposes. Or to refinance credit that's been provided wholly or predominately to purchase, renovate or improve residential property for investment purposes. This means that most standard home loans are regulated under the NCCP Act.

What is an Unregulated loan? - There are exceptions that aren't regulated by the NCCP Act. Home loans that are unregulated include loans in the name of a Company (i.e. not to a 'natural person') or loans used predominantly to invest in commercial property, shares or a business.

The NCCP does not apply to certain loans including low cost short term credit that is 62 days or less. However, the NCCP does apply to a loan of less than 62 days if fees and charges exceed 5% of the amount of the loan or if the interest rate exceeds 2% pcm or 24% p.a.

Don't risk wasting your money, time and fees by being declined by other lenders - call us today on 02 8357 7088!

Download the Gov't fact sheet for detailed information.

All private lenders across Australia require you to have legal advice before any funds are handed over. Each lender has a preferred legal firm. Legal firms are generally located in Sydney.

Immediately after your loan is approved by one of Private Lending Holdings's private lender's, instructions are issued to the lender's preferred legal firm to prepare the loan agreements and checklists.

When the loan agreement and checklist has been created, the pdf's are emailed to your nominated lawyer or solicitor. Your lawyer or solicitor is instructed to print off the documentation and make an appointment for you to attend their office.

Before meeting with your nominated lawyer or solicitor, you will be requested to bring with you checklist items. These items usually include photo identification i.e drivers licence and passport and/or birth certificate, both council and water rates notices with confirmation that all instalments have been made, certificate of currency (not applicable for strata) with the lender's name on it (lender will provide the names), land tax statement (your solicitor often provides this), deposit slip or bank letter confirming the account your equity release funds are to be credited to etc.

Because of increasing fraud being continuously discovered, each lender has specific requirements they expect their legal firms to undertake.

We are a Queensland-based 'lender's broker' presenting lender's and investors with suitable loan opportunities to assist our clients with the loans they are seeking.

Robert oversees all aspects of Private Lending Holdings day-to-day operations. Private Lending Holdings are not licenced by ASIC to arrange or discuss regulated home loans.

Before we can present you with a loan offer there's a few things we need to know:

Address(s) of the property(s) being
used as security or being purchased:

From your IP address we can see you are located in Ashburn Virginia
You agree to Private Lending Holdings Personal, Electronic Consents and Privacy Policy    

Please prepare an offer for me to consider and email to me within 1 business hour or as soon as you can. I understand you may need to verify equity in my property(s) and have questions. I'll be on standby.

Prefer to email-in your enquiry? Send to:
Prefer to speak with a decision-maker first? Call 02 8357 7088 | bus hrs

We can only assist if you can borrow in a company name and have generous equity in your existing property/ies or the property you are purchasing. We don't have a fee to prepare quotes or offers. We don't have an upfront commitment fee.

Lenders wishing to join our lender panel and receive both short-term and long-term above-market secure interest returns on their funds please contact Director & Lender's Broker Robert Kirk today. Benefit from many years of experience in all types of private lending!