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When it comes to selling an old house and buying a new one, things don’t always happen in the order you expect. Your plan might be to cover your deposit on a new home with money from the sale of your current residence. However, what happens if you need to move for a new job and haven’t sold the old house yet, or if you find your dream home and need to make an offer or lose it to another buyer?

In any of these situations, bridging loans in Australia can provide the cash you need to buy a new house before you sell the old one.

The Importance of Bridging Loans in Australia

A bridging loan is a type of loan that helps homeowners ‘bridge the gap’ between one mortgage and the next. This kind of loan can be important in a variety of situations, including:

  • Flexibility in buying a new house: When you are relying on the sale of your old house (and the discharge of your old mortgage) to cover the down payment on a new property, you are essentially tethered to the old house until it sells. If the real estate market in your area is robust, this situation might not be a big deal. If your home takes a while to sell, though, you could find yourself in a situation where you are basically in limbo for months. A bridging loan gives you more flexibility.

  • Speedy results to pursue opportunities or keep deposits: At Private Lending, our bridging loan offers swift results for clients. In one case, when a client was at risk for losing a $100,000 deposit, we got to work and put together a bridging loan to save the real estate deal and to save the client from losing $100,000 in cash. No traditional lender was able to offer a comparable loan in a timely fashion.

  • Access to second mortgages: With another client, our bridging loan brokers at Private Lending were able to provide a bridging loan to act as a second mortgage. The client was selling a family home and was looking for funds that could help them cover expenses involved in improving and marketing the property. The bridging loan allowed the client to sell the house on their own terms, without just having to accept the first offer.

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What You Can Expect from Private Lending as Your Bridging Loan Lender in Australia

If you decide to work with Private Lending for your next bridging loan in Australia, you can expect superb customer service, transparent communication and fast results—not to mention competitive private lending solutions. Also, working with us yields numerous other benefits, including:

  • No or low upfront fees depending on degree of urgency
  • No repayments required for up to one year if wishing to capitalise loan repayments
  • Lending opportunities for borrowers of any age
  • Financing options for clients who are currently unemployed
  • No requirements to demonstrate income
  • Competitive interest rates

About Private Lending

If you have worked with a traditional lender in the past, you likely know that few, if any, of these benefits are available in most cases. With Private Lending, though, you aren’t working with a traditional lender. Founded in 1996, we focus on private loans with an emphasis on caveat loans and bridging loans. To learn whether our solutions are right for you, contact our bridging loan broker online today.

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