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Cash flow is a topic that can be anxiety-inducing for many small business owners. However, there’s plenty of help available. A cash flow loan in Australia may be just the solution you require.

The importance of a cash flow loan in Australia

Cash flow lending generally involves a short-term loan for a business owner to use for a business-related purpose. That might mean covering a temporary cash shortage, taking advantage of a too-good-to-miss business opportunity, or investing in new equipment, for example. Cash flow loans have several benefits including:

  • Diversification of your portfolio to create a new long-term stream of revenue
  • Access to the knowledge and experience of your cash flow loan broker in Australia
  • The ability to build or grow your business
  • Peace of mind regarding steady cash flow

Choosing the right cash flow loan broker online can make all the difference. Private Lending offers a range of loans to many different people in amounts from $50,000 - $10,000,000.

Download an editable pdf application pack, complete, save, scan back and be ready for a call and loan quote.

Related services we provide to a cash flow loan in Australia

At Private Lending, we offer a range of services in addition to cash flow loans. Besides a cash flow loan online, you can also find:

  • Private first mortgages – Terms from two months to unlimited and amounts from $30,000 - $10,000,000
  • Fast second mortgages – Terms from 1-month to unlimited; amounts from $30,000 – unlimited
  • Urgent caveat loans – Terms from 1 month to unlimited; amounts from $30,000 – unlimited
  • Private SMSF mortgages – Terms of 25 years; amounts from $50,000 - $750,000

Obtaining the loan you need through Private Lending is easy. Just let us know your requirements, and we will present you with a preliminary quote including the amount available, fee schedule, and estimated interest rate. If you wish to proceed, the process is fast and simple.

About Private Lending

Private Lending is a leading caveat lender, mortgage broker, and mortgage originator in Australia. The loans we source are designed for homeowners, small business owners, family trusts with corporate trustees, ABN holders with business bank accounts and registered for GST, and borrowers at retiree age. Caveat loans and private loans place no restrictions on the age of the borrower, and there is no requirement to prove income. Loans are provided by private lenders including institutions as well as mum and dad SMSF's.

Since 1996, we have been in the mortgage business, building a comprehensive range of private funding lines and a strong track record of helping property owners and buyers with a variety of loans and caveats. We ensure that our interest rates and fees are highly competitive. Simply put, our lenders will do whatever it takes to be your lender.

If you like the sound of lower interest rates, lower fees, fast settlements, no upfront fees, high loan amounts, no income requirements, and no repayments for up to one year, Private Lending is your source for a cash flow loan in Australia. Get started with a fast, free quote.

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