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When it comes to applying for a mortgage, you have a few options. On the one hand, you can schedule a meeting at a bank and speak with one of their mortgage advisors about securing financing through their institution. On the other hand, you can work with Private Lending who are private mortgage lenders and brokers and can help you with a range of private funds and lenders. Our team at Private Lending falls into the latter category.

The Benefits of Private Mortgage Lenders and Brokers

A private mortgage broker is a middleman, working with you (the borrower) and helping you connect with various businesses that could serve as your lender. There are a variety of benefits to seeking a mortgage this way. They include:

  • Variety: The number one thing that mortgage brokers can offer that banks can’t is variety. Banks are direct lenders, which means they are inherently limited in what they can offer you. A mortgage broker shops around among multiple different lenders, which means they can deliver a perfect fit for the client better than any direct lender.

  • Speed: It’s not impossible to shop around for different options when you go for a direct lender. However, you ultimately end up having to do the shopping yourself, by scheduling meetings with four or five different banks. A private mortgage broker in Australia will have contacts with private lenders that he or she can lean upon to get you a lot of options very quickly. In other words, you get more mortgage choices to consider in a shorter period.

  • Better odds for qualifying: Especially if you are on the borderline for qualifying for a mortgage, working with a broker to research options through private lenders will give you better odds of qualifying for a loan. Your broker will know which lenders to approach who are most likely to approve your mortgage application.

Download an editable pdf application pack, complete, save, scan back and be ready for a call and loan quote.

Common Mistakes People Make, Re: Mortgages

Working with a private mortgage lender in Australia can help you avoid many of the mistakes people make when shopping for mortgages. Such mistakes include:

  • Not shopping around for better offers
  • Assuming that one loan denial means that no one will approve your loan
  • Not paying attention to fees or interest rates

Contact Private Lending

At Private Lending, our brokers are so experienced with handling private mortgages in Australia that they can not only get you a great loan but can also help you avoid these pitfalls. Even if we find you a fantastic loan offer with the first private lender we find, we will still shop your application around to see if we can find better. We know which lenders to target to give you the best odds at approval. Finally, we have a reputation for delivering lower interest rates and deals where you won’t have to pay any fees upfront.

Working with a traditional lender limits you in the type of loan you can get and the amount of flexibility you will have. When you work with Private Lending, you enjoy more freedom, better loan offers and a smoother, faster mortgage approval process. Contact our private mortgage brokers online today to get started.

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